Fun fact about me: ever since I was born my grandma has called me “mouse”. She started the tradition with my cousin, “bird”, who was born a few months before me. She said I was just like a little mouse (aww!). So my whole life I’ve collected mouse things- books, figurines, etc. A few years ago (I truthfully don’t remember when; I was at least in high school) my grandma stumbled upon the Babymouse books and started buying them for me as they came out. I now have 17 of the 18. They’re obviously geared towards a younger person than myself, but I freaking love these books.

Why I love Babymouse:

  • She’s sassy
  • She’s stubborn
  • The books have a plethora of pop culture references (including Star Trek! yeahhh!)
  • Babymouse is adorable and eats a lot of cupcakes (this is a valid reason to me)
  • The dialogue between Babymouse and the narrator is witty and fun
  • She daydreams a lot
  • The illustrations are awesome
  • Babymouse does her own thing, and even though she doesn’t always fit in (it’s okay to have curly whiskers, Babymouse) she is her own self and she’s awesome

babymouse-themusicalThe books are co-authored/drawn by brother and sister team Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm. They’re great for kids, but fun for adults too (maybe just weird adults like me, but whatevs). There are a bunch of fun issues, but my own personal favorites are #8 Puppy, #9 Monster Mash, and #14 Mad Scientist, though they’re all wonderful. I’ve even been toying around with the idea of getting a Babymouse tattoo one day.

You rock, Babymouse!







Megamouse out.


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