Put on Your Fancy Pants with Pantaloons INC!


If you’re into video games, then this post is definitely for you. Or if you just like watching cute guys play video games, hey, I get it 😉 I’m more into books than video games myself, but I still get a kick out of watching and listening to these loveable goofballs. Maybe I’m slightly biased, but they are pretty funny.

My incredibly cute boyfriend (the one in the bow tie in the picture above) and some of his close friends have formed a group called Pantaloons INC. What is Pantaloons INC all about, you ask, what do they do? They’re all about having fun, trying out different games and and sharing their love of gaming with others. While making a thousand references to Tony Danza and Scott Baio, among others. Anyways, they have some pretty awesome videos on YouTube and a Facebook page that’s definitely worth checking out.

They feature such games as: Minecraft, Portal, League of Legends, Outlast, Left 4 Dead 2, Skyblock, Starbound, The Stanley Parable, Goat Simulator (which is just as amusing as it sounds), and many more. They’ve even done a vlog post that’s pretty funny.

They’ve got more videos on the way and are even planning some giveaways for subscribers, so definitely check out their pages and give them a watch. They’re always open to suggestions for any new (or old) games that they should demo. Who knows, maybe I’ll even record a game with them sometime 🙂

Here’s a preview of what you can expect to see from them:

So go check ’em out! Hope you enjoy 🙂


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