Celadon Road Product Review: Natural Deodorant!


I love sharing my favorite products with others, especially ones that can help improve health and well-being.

One thing I didn’t know much about before becoming a Celadon Road Consultant was how icky regular deodorants are. I didn’t really give much thought to, or know much about, how many harmful chemicals are in conventional deodorant.

TOXIC-DEODORANTThat’s some pretty disturbing stuff to be clogged in our pores. After Celadon Road’s new deodorant came out and I learned more about it, I became very excited to try it out and ditch my old deodorant.

Deodorant-FlyerBeing the lavender freak that I am, I decided to try the lavender vanilla scent (next time I think I’ll try coconut since that was my close second choice.) I tried it out today and got to test its effects right away as my doctor’s office, and car ride home after, were incredibly warm. Given that there’s no anti-antiperspirant in CR’s deodorant, I was curious to see if I would feel wet and sweaty while using it. I can honestly say that I did not. I felt normal. And I smelled normal, which is definitely important. The deodorants are scented only with essential oils so you don’t have to worry about that fake chemical smell.

I really like the way the deodorants are described in the catalog:

“When you think about what goes into most deodorant products – parabens, propylene glycol and metals like aluminum, which are irritating at best and carcinogenic at worst – suddenly a bit of sweat doesn’t sound so terrible. On the other hand, most organic deodorants just don’t work the way you need them to when things heat up. But with Celadon Road’s revolutionary organic Deodorant, smelling fresh doesn’t have to be a health compromise, with ingredients you’d just as soon put in your body as on it. Baking soda’s natural deodorizing properties combine with a variety of organic ingredients and essential oils for truly effective, feel-good protection that’s as naturally powerful as you are.”

Instead of chemical-filled antiperspirant, these deodorants have natural ingredients that help limit wetness without clogging up pores. After all, it’s natural for your body to sweat a little bit. It keeps us alive and well!

If you’d like more information on ingredients or ordering the product to try out for yourself, check out my website here or feel free to leave a comment or shoot me a message. The owner of the company spent the last five years perfecting the product and trying to make it more effective than other similar products out there, and I have to say that she really hit the nail on the head with this one; it is quickly becoming one of my favorite Celadon Road products.

I’m super pumped to keep using the product and hope to get others (including my boyfriend; men can definitely use this too! After all, anyone can get breast cancer) to ditch their old deodorants and opt for this healthier option instead.